Dr. Rajshekhar Reddy Poreddy

Vice Chancellor

Education: MS ( General Surgery), DNB (General  Surgery ), FRCS ( Neurosurgery)

Professional Research:

* Yoga for Blood Glucose (Diabetes).

* Indian Culture  and Neuro system .

* Yoga and Rehabilitations.

* Yoga With Neuro action .

* Indian Pooja system with Neuro relationship.

* And few more Research about Yoga compared with Anatomy of Neuro system.



My Mantra is "Disciplined practice in Allopathy as well as Naturopathy, listen to Patients, Friends and relatives carefully. Good communication, keeping myself  up to date with the latest changes in Neurosurgery and Yoga in Human Anatomy systems and many more. I will give more importance, to hard work to give 100% to patients. Try to keep the balance between work,practice, and research about Yoga and Family.