Dr. Krishna C.N


Director, Yoga University of The Americas In India

Education: Ph.D in Holistic Healing, from Mysore university, PGDBA (Post graduate diploma business administration) from Bangalore University.


He is practicing Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation since 40 years.  With the blessings of Himalayan Masters he has become an expert in 50 varieties of drugless therapies that are being practiced since 20 years.  He has trained more than 5,000 students and treated more than 15,000 people around the world. He is the founder President of  “Om Seva Kendra “ with many projects and running a free school for Intellectually Disabled Special Children since 5 years.  He is a recipient of  “Yoga Bhushana”, “ Rastra Bandhu”, “ Vivekananda Ratna”, “Sangolli Rayanna Award”  and many more...