Dr.Nagaraja Rao M.K

Chairman Academic council

Chairman Academic Council Yoga University of The Americas In India

Qualification : Ph.D in Yoga


Dr. Nagraj Rao M. K. has more than 30 years of yogic experience is a devoted yoga practitioner and a certified yoga Teacher who belongs to Adi Shankaracharya’s school of philosophy. Sri Nagaraja Rao has learned yoga and philosophy in the Vedic Gurukula system from his childhood under the guidance of his yogi father. After having obtained his Master's degree in Naturopathy and yoga at Madras University, he continued his practice in the Himalayas. Enlightened Himalayan masters introduced him to the yoga tradition, which is based on classical texts and approaches such as Veda, Vedanta,Indian philosophical thoughts in Gurukula system – Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Hatha Pradipika, and, Gheranda Samhita. He has been teaching yoga from his family tradition and has been conducting programs on Hatha yoga, Vedanta and Kundalini yoga, and is a trainer on personal development. He has authored books such as Yoga Darshana Sampada, a practical manual for beginners, and resource books for yoga teachers.