Courses Offered

Certificate Course in Basic Vedic Astrology

Practical: Minimum 5 Basic Case studies

  • 9 planets & attributes
  • 27 stars
  • 12 houses & attributes
  • How planets are related to our body
  • Kundali
  • Lagna
  • The Sixth house influence diagnosing from hands and fingernails

Certificate Course in Advanced Vedic Astrology

Duration: 30 Hours (Online live classes)
Practical : 10 Case studies and Interactive Q&A

  • Dasha and Bhukti
  • South and North Indian chart
  • Triangle attributes and planets
  • Each house attributes
  • Planets Friends and enemies
  • Natural Chart
  • Birth Chart
  • The anatomical and physiological properties of the signs

Certificate Course Diploma in Vedic Astrology

Project Submission: At the end of the Course

  • Hints and helps for healers
  • Positive and Negative aspects of houses and planets
  • Effect of each planet in different houses
  • How houses are related to our body
  • Yogas in chart analyzing
  • How chakras are related to Astrology
  • According to age how to analyze chart
  • How to activate houses
  • Nakshtra attributes to apply
  • Preliminary steps in diagnosing
  • Practical: 15 Hours of Practical