Ballista Bhavya Bharat – Bharat as “Vishwa Guru” is an eternal fact we have the scripts of Sanathana Dharma, and our Rishis had given an ocean of Knowledge in which yoga is important. In this age of science and technology, Yoga can be used in all fields and help people for the overall development of every human being, considering this as a priority, our University has taken up Yoga with an alternative Health care system to include all the Yoga Bandhus to join hands in the movement to create physical, mental, Intellectual wellbeing and liberation of community.

According to Swami Vivekananda, Yoga is a process involving the unification of Holistic education that will generate compassion for all sentient beings as an extension of self and also awaken aspiration for the highest wisdom. Swamiji asserted that each soul is potentially divine with omnipotence and omniscience, awaiting manifestation. We can realize the same through selfless service, assimilation of wisdom through deeper introspection, devotion to the Almighty or some special psychophysical practice.


  • To equip every individual to handle themselves in all life situations
  • Development of practices to train the body and mind for the well-being of the humanity
  • Balancing physical, mental, and spiritual health
  • Addition of energy, Strength, and beauty to body, mind, and soul


  • We value the practice of yoga for the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual in community health and well-being it supports.
  • We value individuality, flexibility, commitment and dedication to show how we work as a team or franchisees.
  • We value community in every studio, amongst our studio owners and our corporate team.
  • We value the health of the studio environment and the health of the environment as a whole.
  • We value innovation and technology in serving the practice and making it more accessible.

  • Integrating yoga practices & technological advances.
  • Creating scientific courses to guide the students.
  • Creating significant assimilating courses with the expert masters.
  • Accessible, understandable course structure to make the entire course easy for the students.